Posts & Fixtures

attachment spigots


$115 each

Square Stainless Steel Spigots are attached the base of each glass panel and used to provide support. They can be either attached by boiling to the ground a surface mounted spigot or drilling a hole for core drill spigots

glass panel clamps


$25 each

Square and Round engineered D Clamps are suitable for 8, 10 & 12mm glass panels and are used to secure glass panels to posts or walls in. These clamps are made from duplex 2205 polished stainless steel.

stand offs



In some cases, you may need to or may wish to have your glass panels face fixed to a flat surface. This is often done to meet legal requirements and can also be aesthetically pleasing. We find that a standoff could replace the need for a spigot to suit certain outdoor designs, especially when seeking a minimalistic appearance.

complete gate kits

Gate Kits

$300 each

Our gate kits come in a width of 800mm and contain all necessary fittings and fixtures for easy construction